Q: Is there any utility for owning a Rude Boy?
A: Our Road Map is set to introduce varying utility for Rude Boy's in the future, however the art is in focus. “All Rude Boy Collectors will be taken care of” - Trym
However a few Rude Boy's that already released had utility stated in the description of the NFT for the first people who bought them.
Q: When is the next release?
A: New releases are announced 1-2 days before. This is because Trym makes the new Rude Boy's from scratch as he feels inspired. This keeps the art organic and unforced in order to give everyone the best quality.
Q: Why do I see multiple listings of the same Rude Boy?
A: Rude Boy's are not a 1/1 project. This means that one Rude Boy can have multiple copies that can be owned by multiple people. Think of it as buying a limited edition toy in real life. How ever there are a few special edition Mythic 1/1 Rude Boy's out there in the market
Q: When was the Rude Boy's project released?
A: January 9th 2021
Q: Are there free giveaways?
A: Trym does lots of giveaways for his community. They are announced in various ways such as Instagram, Twitter, and discord. Following on social media is the best way to increase your chances of winning future giveaways that are announced.
Q: Is the Rude Boy's floor price going to the moon?
A: Nothing in life is guaranteed, however Trym is dedicated to producing the best quality art and creating a full brand around this project. It is up to us as a community to help him along the way and continue to collect his work because we love it.
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